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IT & Ethernet Network Cabling and Wiring

Network cabling is one of the most important pieces of your IT infrastructure. At Kumar Electrix, our certified professionals ensure that your cabling is done correctly from the start.

CAT Cable Termination

CAT cable termination to patch panel or RJ45 connectors.  We are capable to undertake medium or small business. The termination will include testing, labelling and cable management in comms room.

Office And Business Networks

We provide CAT Cable network for Offices with many computer desks and printers, business with many interconnected computers and servers, complex CCTV camera systems, sharing internet throughout the business IT equipments.

Internet Center And Industrial Buildings

We provide CAT cabling to inter-connect all the computers and sharing internet. Many factories and industrial building need their computers and machines and other equipments needed to communicate all the time.

AV Transmission Network

Now days all modern homes have their SKY box and other STBs located in one place and watching TV in all the rooms, and switching channels remotely , internet connection to TVs for faster access to video streaming., CCTVs around the house. These all need CAT cabling which we will do in very high standard, supply and install HD devices.